How to choose a domain name for your project?

August 4th, 2016
by admin

Of course, the domain – not the main factor is determining the success of your project. But well-chosen domain name can alleviate some promotion and work with him. So today I have prepared for you a short article, which make out the principles of selecting a domain for the site. Let’s start with the basics.

5 rules for selecting the domain

1. Use the easy-to-remember name. Whatever the domain name, it should not be memorizing work for your visitors. You can use topical keyword (eg,, et al.) Or try to create a real online brand (,, etc.) – anyway, the domain name must crash in memory of each visitor to your site.

2. Be brief. Which is easier: or, or Firstly, users prefer the simplicity (agree, and you too). Secondly, when you write a long domain name increases the likelihood of incorrect entry – unless you want to risk attendance? Try to use as much as possible short domain name.

3. Select the appropriate domain zone. How often do you type the domain names ending or .eu? Do not try to stand out as a non-obvious way – use familiar to your audience domain zone. For example, for Russia .ru and .su. By the way, can be more exotic options, such as a domain name in the zone of the Russian Federation – but it’s not for everybody.

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